Ave Maria Press

Ave Maria Press, a well-established Catholic publishing company, had an e-commerce website that was putting a damper on their online productivity and profits.

We stepped in and worked with them extensively to develop a website that brought order to their product presentation and checkout process, smoothed out wrinkles in their order processing, highlighted their branding, and ultimately gave AMP the control they wanted.  

All in all, AMP ended up with a better-looking, more engaging and higher-grossing e-commerce website that's easy for them to maintain and keeps their customers coming back for more.

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screenshot of ave maria press website

Saint Mary's Press

Saint Mary's Press is a longtime publisher of teaching resources for Catholic religious educators. A few years back, they discovered customers were looking for something more: free supplementary resources to support their in-class activities.  

In pursuit of a solution, SMP hired one:ten to find a creative way to make more educational resources available on their website.  At the same time, we also were to rebuild their e-commerce website, which needed an overhaul.   

The outcome of our work was an innovative online Resource Center that gives SMP's customers and visitors access to unlimited supplementary resources supporting SMP's products, not to mention another banner one:ten e-commerce website.

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Recent Projects

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Greenlawn Films, a new film production company, needed a website that would highlight their refined artistry and documentary style.  Our solution: a stripped down, polished website that allows their stunning films to speak for themselves. NDRV needed a website to advertise their RV parking services for Notre Dame football game weekends.  We built them an eye-catching website that creatively incorporates Notre Dame colors and an outline of the campus skyline. Reformation Translation Fellowship wanted an affordable website to broadcast their ministry of translating Christian literature into Chinese. Emphasizing a clean look, we designed their website to be easy for visitors to peruse and learn more about RTF. Three academically renowned, private schools for students in grades 7-12 needed a better marketing website.  To achieve this, we overhauled their website with an emphasis on enhancing aesthetic elements and increasing opportunities to engage visitors. With 2,900 members spread throughout North America, the People of Praise community wanted an online directory to keep their members connected.  The directory we built them is intuitive to update and makes finding people easy with a native search.

Holy Cross College

Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana, was in need of an image update to reach prospective students, and they knew their website was a key piece in need of change.

After initially hiring one:ten to help develop their short-term and long-term web strategy, they grew to like our plan so much that they asked us to redesign their website as well. 

At the end of six months, we produced a clear plan for the future of the HCC website and a polished, easy to navigate website that more accurately reflected the high-quality college experience that HCC offers.

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