our story

Our company was born in a flurry of activity one week in mid-March, 2006.  Using the window of time provided by Jennifer and Jeremy's spring breaks, the two along with David met in South Bend for six straight days to discuss the start of a new tech company.  There they fleshed out the practicalities of establishing a web development company whose aim would be to create new and better ways for people to communicate and connect online.  

It was during these conversations that the name one:ten was conceived.  Well, to be specific, the idea came to them while eating lunch at Culver's on St. Patrick's Day.

Even with humble beginnings as a team of three, one:ten experienced immediate success upon launching our first e-commerce website, and we haven't stopped building ever since.  Our talented team and list of clients keep growing as we continue to design more beautiful websites and develop more powerful software.  We have worked with publishers and schools on most of our recent projects, but we are happy to assist anyone and everyone we can with their website.

One other note: If you call between 9:00 and 9:20 am Eastern Standard Time, you'll likely catch us in the middle of our daily morning prayer. We're Christians whose name and ultimate communications aim comes from Scripture—Ephesians 1:10, "In Christ and under Christ, God wanted to unite … everything in heaven and on earth." Many of our employees, in addition to being members of their respective churches, are members of the People of Praise, an ecumenical Christian community in 21 locations around the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

David Salmon


David is the driving force behind all one:ten operations.  While much of his time is spent on company sales and business development, he is also involved in guiding new projects through the initial stages and ensuring that everything is in order before launching the site.  David helps everyone in the company accomplish their goals and get what they need to do their work.

David grew up in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota and moved to South Bend to attend the University of Notre Dame, where he got his B.A. in history.  Most important to David is spending as much time as possible with his wife, Laura, and their two children, and living in Christian community with other members of the People of Praise.

Annie Bulger

web developer

Annie's coding savvy helps keep our websites in good working order.  Whether it's making basic front-end changes to customer websites or building extensive report forms, Annie gets the job done right.  Though a novice developer when she began at one:ten in 2008, Annie is a quick study and consistently keeps adding to her programming repertoire.

Originally from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Annie received her degree from St. Mary’s College in South Bend, majoring in math. The only one:ten employee with dual citizenship (U.S. and Canada), Annie also lived in Grenada for a few years as a young child.  Things she does when not at work include biking, being outside, unicycling, and gardening.

Jeremy Osterhouse

lead developer

Jeremy is one:ten's mastermind architect.  He conceives and designs the structure of all our products, which involves a lot of thinking, writing in notebooks and holding lots of information in his head.  As lead developer, he helps make sure our websites do everything they're supposed to do.  Programming with one:ten since its inception, he has a firm grasp of every programming language and development tool we've used.

Jeremy grew up in St. Paul, MN, and graduated in computer science and math from the University of Minnesota.   He enjoys using the power of the Internet to connect people and information, in addition to birding, hunting, and running and, most especially, living in South Bend with his wife, Anne.

Laura Salmon

Customer Accounts Manager

Simply said, Laura works with people.  She diligently tends to the needs of both our customers and the one:ten staff, fielding customer requests and coordinating projects with one:ten staff.  After we launch a website, Laura helps plan and carry out any future upgrades to the site and troubleshoots problems that arise. 

Originally from the best city in Minnesota, Laura came to South Bend and graduated in education and math from Saint Mary’s College.  She's grown fond of South Bend, and especially enjoys living among other members of the People of Praise.  In addition to being Lisa's sister, she is married to David, with whom she now has two beautiful children.

Margaret DeCelles


Visual communication in the form of creative beauty comes quite naturally to Margaret.  She assists Jennifer in many aspects of our design projects, but also takes on independent projects like designing the layout for a customer email marketing campaign.  In addition to her work with one:ten, Margaret is also involved in designing layouts for the People of Praise magazine, V&B.

Margaret is a South Bend native and graduated from the University of Chicago as a history major.  Her love for historical analysis is almost on a par with her passion for art.  She can often be found doodling up some great design ideas or wandering around with camera in hand.

Mary Grams

chief of operations & director of marketing

The focus of Mary's attention is primarily on finding new groups of customers to serve and investigating more ways to serve our current clientele.  She talks with people about their organizations' web needs, researches industry trends, and works with the one:ten staff to make sure our products and services are relevant and useful.

After growing up in the Twin Cities and Colorado Springs, CO, Mary spent several years studying architectural and urban history at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.  She took some time off, and later completed her undergraduate degree at Indiana University South Bend.  In-between, she managed a boutique luxury hotel in Minneapolis and spent two years as a missionary in southern Indiana. 

Our People

We are: programmers, designers, service providers, researchers, creatives, geeks, inventors, experts, businessmen, artists, problem solvers, marketers, collaborators, Christians and friends.  

At one:ten, we like to say that we are comprised of a healthy eclecticism.  Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds—from classical education to hotelier—our varied talents, interests and experiences not only create stimulating office conversations, but also bring together a great set of skills that we can offer our clients.  Our team loves working together to provide creative, yet always practical, solutions to the needs of our clients.

We revel in the challenges presented by our work, and we welcome opportunities for innovation.  In pursuit of excellence in our field, we continually seek to learn and engage in what is new and worthwhile in each of our respective specialties.  We find great satisfaction in delivering website solutions that truly get the job done—no matter what it takes.

To learn more about our team of unique and unrepeatable people, click on each of their smiling faces above.

our mission

We believe that the greatest strength of the Internet is its ability to connect devices—and in so doing connect people—in ways that could hardly have been imagined 50 years ago. Our mission is to turn these connections into unity—to purposefully unite people using the connections the Internet provides.

We strive to help you, our customers, understand and serve your customers better through your websites. We believe that our future is connected with that of our customers and we work to develop a close working relationship with you. Our mission to unite people provides the fuel for our work and extends through everything we do in building your website.