Effective e-commerce essentials.

Built to help your online business succeed, our e-commerce platform:

  • Helps engage and retain your online audiences, whether new or old.
  • Makes it easy for you to be discovered online.
  • Streamlines your checkout and reduces abandoned shopping carts.
  • Simplifies the ordering process for both you and your customers.
  • Gives your company the tools to manage your website intuitively.

How do we achieve this? By zeroing in on the essential elements of your e-commerce and making sure they run like a well-oiled machine.  

Rather than adding feature upon feature, we fine-tune the core processes of your e-commerce, such as reducing the steps taken to place an order or providing compatible integration options.  The end result is a more effective and seamless operation from online storefront to backend order processing.

We're confident that using our e-commerce platform, you can expect an immediate increase in revenue from your website, greater customer satisfaction and continued growth well into the future.

Our e-commerce features:

For Intuitive Organization:

  • Scalable products database and product categorization system
  • Digital content delivery system
  • Search engine and website navigation tools

For Streamlined Shopping and Checkout:

  • Customer accounts system
  • Pricing mechanisms (including shipping, product pricing and coupons)
  • Shopping cart and order processing system (including bulk and quick ordering)
  • Smooth and direct checkout process
  • Online payment processing (including invoicing and credit card processing)

For Inbound Marketing:

  • Email marketing and landing pages
  • SEO and promotional tools

For Secure Functionality:

  • Customer Information Security
  • Integration options with external computer systems
Want to learn more about how our e-commerce platform can help you? Get in touch—we can even arrange a 30-minute demo with some of your products.